About our Bridal Registry...

A couple’s bridal registry serves as one of the most important resources for wedding guests. It should thoughtfully embrace both the new bride and groom’s style and lifestyle, while also providing well-wishers a personally curated assortment of gifting options.  At ShopKSW, we are thrilled to offer personalized guidance to our registered couples to help them put together a table that they will cherish for many years to come. 
Although we love working with couples to curate a table that can be gifted to them, we also want to help them give something back.  For couples who believe in starting their marriage off in the spirit of generosity, ShopKSW provides an impactful opportunity. 
When couples register at ShopKSW, 10% of sales will go to their charity of choice. Just after the big day, we will make a donation in the newlyweds' names to honor the start of their new life together.  
Let's celebrate the joys of giving back through the timed honor tradition of gift-giving.  
Click here to register or find a registry.  
Write to us at info@shopksw.com with any questions for if you want help making selections for a registry.

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