Blue and White Tulipiere by Mottahedeh China

These tulipieres are magnificent pieces of blue and white pottery from Mottahedeh China and is a reproduction of a late 17th century original from the collection at Chatsworth Castle in England. Tulipieres, or tulip pagodas, were devised by the Dutch to display their prized tulips or other flowers at a time when a single bulb could cost the equivalent of many thousands of dollars.
I have a pair in my entrance hall that I fill with tulips from the market in the spring and berries and holiday greenery during the winter.
Change them up throughout the seasons and celebrations.
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Getting these tulipieres ready for a fall luncheon honoring Juliska:
Easter with artful eggs and whimsical branches:
Everyday Elegance:
Small - 22.5" H
Large - 40" H
Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.
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