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Made in Italy, the Garofano pattern from Faenza is a true Italian classic. History tells us that Marco Polo brought pasta and the Garofano pattern from the Orient in 1279. Faenza is by cultural tradition defined as City of the Ceramics, lies 30 miles south of Bologna in the northeast part of Italy, and while an important agricultural as well as an industrial center, it owes its renown to ceramics. The role of Faenza in the ceramics field is well-known: its name, in the French version Faience, has meant for centuries a Prestige kind of ceramics; no other ceramics-producing city can boast of having kept its stoves alight since ancient Middle Age. The Garofano design was initially developed in the Italian region of Lombardia, but it later became a world-famous signature-pattern from the Majolica town of Faenza. - All Artistica's dinnerware products are very durable and double fired.

ShopKSW founder, Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, recently became a U.S. citizen and we loved using this dish to set a patriotic tablescape! We used this gorgeous flower arrangement she received as the centerpiece next to a pair of short glass hurricanes that are available on our site! The patriotic colors in this tablescape are so elegant and effortless with the Blue Garden Jacquard Tablecloth and the new red round Caracoli Placemat by Klatso. For glassware we loved how the white french handblown glasses paired with La Rochere's Perigold glasses. What a special tablescape for a special occasion! 

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Blue Garden Jacquard Tablecloth

Red Round Caracoli Placemats 

Perigold Glass by La Rochere

French Hand Blown Glasses 

Short Greek Key Hurricane 

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