Golden Rabbit Splatterware Enamel Large Serving Bowl: The Daily Dish

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We love these extra larger serving bowls for our large family gatherings. Especially for a patriotic tablescape. The hand dipped splatterware swirl pattern make a statement in the style department but they are incredibly practical too! They are durable, oven and stovetop safe, non-toxic and dishwasher safe.  We have owned and used them frequently for years and they never disappoint!  

You can use this to serve almost anything from fresh corn to punch! Here is a delicious punch recipe that gets made often in KSW's household, from her book, Parties Around a Punch Bowl. It is a great book of recipes you'll find yourself pulling out often when looking for new recipes for gatherings.

JR's Favorite Punch:

3 cups ginger ale

2 cups orange juice

2 cups pineapple juice

makes two quarts 


Mix all liquids together in a large pitcher, stir and serve!

If you have too much, pour extra into ice cube trays and serve them with this punch so the water in regular ice cubes doesn't dilute the mixture. You can always cut down on the sugar and substitute one of our go-to's, Too Chico, for the ginger ale. 

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