Wild Strawberry White Rim Soup Plate by Wedgwood

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Start 2024 with white Wedgwood dinnerware like the Wild Strawberry White Rim Soup Bowl.

This dish, in the famous Wild Strawberry pattern by Wedgwood, is extra spectacular in its crisp white variation. The rim soup bowl from the White Wild Strawberry collection is versatile not only because of its all-white design but also because you can serve a plethora of delicious dishes with it when hosting. Whether it is soup, salads, or pasta, rim soup bowls are the perfect dinnerware choice. You can match it with the White Wild Strawberry dinner plate or mix it with its colorful origins, the Wild Strawberry dinner plate. 

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Wild Strawberry White is a Wedgwood classic re-imagined for all seasons. This white floral embossed Rim Soup Bowl offers a generous portion of your favorite soup, ideal for winter warmers or chilled summer soups. A modern interpretation of the timeless classic Wild Strawberry dinnerware collection, it is perfect for any occasion.

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